More land =
a better investment.

As city real estate prices soar (especially in Calgary) it seems many home buyers are paying more and more for less land. On a per square foot basis, acreage properties are the best way to get the most out of your land investment. And history has shown that owning more land is one of the best and most secure long term investment strategies.

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We’ve been developing acreages for 25 years. We know what it takes to create outstanding acreage communities.

Here are some of the hallmarks of
Deer Creek Developments:

  • Communities with vision – We take great care to make the most of the land we build on. We let nature inspire the shape of our communities.
  • Trees – We’ve planted approximately 30,000 trees on our properties.
  • Easier ditch slopes – It seems like a small thing but it makes maintenance much easier – just an example of how we think about the small details.
  • Horses: We allow them – a lot of developers don’t. To us, horses are an important symbol of authentic country living.
  • Timber rail fences – You can tell a Deer Creek development by our signature fences - another authentic country touch that unifies the look and feel of our communities.
  • Architectural controls that provide beauty and value – We strike the right balance between owner autonomy and providing guidelines that maximize beauty and lasting value.
  • Stone accents – We use local stones to create appealing accents on sign posts, walls and road markers.
  • We give more back to our communities – We always set aside more land than required for public use (for schools, community buildings, parks and recreational facilities).
  • Wildlife corridors and green space – To protect and enhance the natural feel of our communities we always set aside generous amounts of land for natural vegetation and wildlife. You and your family will spend countless hours exploring these special places.
  • Bring your own builder – Many developers require you to choose from a short list of builders that they chose. Not Deer Creek. We allow our home owners maximum freedom to choose their own builder - while ensuring that all the homes in our communities meet high structural and esthetic standards.