Acreage living. Things you should know and questions you should ask.

We love acreage living. To us, the seclusion, quiet, space, and closeness to nature make it the ultimate lifestyle. But if you’ve never experienced country living we encourage you to be informed. Talk to people already living in the country. Talk to us. And to get you started, Deer Creek offers you the following introduction.

Developmental control – it’s a fine balance

Make sure the development you’re looking at properly balances your (and your neighbors’) right to create a home site that suits your tastes and the needs of your family. Many acreage developments don’t allow barns, workshops, and horses. Make sure you know what’s allowed. The other side of the coin is that certain developmental controls (architectural styles, fences, materials) when intelligently applied, create attractive, functional communities that are enjoyable today and retain their long term value. Check the developmental controls of your new community carefully – and check the developer’s history in living up to them in past developments.

If you would like to download and read an example legal document that covers the typical architectural controls in one of our developments.
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Roads matter

Gravel road access to your property may seem “charming” on your first few trips to town, but you will quickly desire the safety and comfort of a properly paved road.

Check your water source

Many acreage properties rely on well water. Check the quality of the well water, and the pressure–three gallons a minute is a good benchmark.

Waste services

Most acreage properties rely on septic services to handle waste. Ask your developer about their experience in providing this service. A novice developer can make costly (and very unpleasant) mistakes.

Getting the most from your property takes effort

For some, keeping up their property isn’t work at all. For these folks caring for the land is the ultimate way to relax, and a great creative outlet. It’s why they live in the country. Others who want the beauty without the effort are happy to leave maintenance to the pros.

Are you allowed to choose your own builder?

Many other developments require you to choose from a short list of builders – not Deer Creek.

Check the track record of your developer

Sadly, many people who call themselves “developers” are merely speculators interested in making a quick buck. They lack expertise in creating great communities and the commitment it takes to ensure lasting value. Ask to see past developments and to speak to customers.